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the only thing that’s really going to be much different could our lives possibly be without that last year of school?” “Harry, you know you have to complete school to become and auror” she said coming to sit next to him “Might as well buck up” she said “Besides, I hear Fred and George are actually coming to finish their last year of school too” “For what purpose? Harry shrugged “well having Fred and George around should lighten things up considerably” he said “Anyone know who else is coming back?The common room was a fairly normal looking common room with a fireplace and tables and chairs, but there was just one hallway. Harry and Ron were of course together, Fred and George, and Hermione and Lavender. He knew that he would have to hear about her but why did she have to come back.Boys and girls in the same hallway….would take some getting used to.“Good luck to whoever has to room with Mudblood Granger” Malfoy muttered, the first thing he had even said to them“must be off your game Malfoy if it took you that long to make a comment that only makes you look like an idiot” George said Malfoy rolled his eyes and walked down the hallway, each door had a golden plate with two names on it that told them who was in the room. Hermione however, did not have a problem with sharing with Lavender since she wasn’t with Ron anymore. I am walking through the darkness of the forest and I can’t feel my toes. He had been hiding it so well over the years, why did she have to come back.“It probably doesn’t like your personality” Ron said lazily from where he was sitting in an armchair sideways.He was busying himself with throwing a little rubber ball at the wall and catching it when it came back to him.Potter, You will be captain” he said Harry looked around immediately and started looking for possibilities for who he could make a quidditch team out of.“You have very few rules, be respectful to your professors.” He continued “you all are adults, you can go to hogsmead anytime you want, and you can bring alcohol into the school if you like but don’t give it to the younger students” he said “you have access to the restricted section in the library as well and no curfews.Now please go back into the great hall and take your spots at your new table while we sort the first years” he said and ushered them all back into the great hall.

The only thought that got Harry through the idea was that he was going to have his closest friends around and his hopefully girlfriend as well.She was hoping eventually that he would come and talk to her about where their relationship stood.“Where are Fred and George?” Ron asked Ginny after she was done hanging on Harry.“I dunno, I’m not their keeper” she said snippily “they’re big boys they can make a train on their own.”“Thanks for the confidence Ginny” Fred said from behind them“Unlike Ronnie” George said with a wink.“Oh shut up you two” Ron said and stomped off toward the train. They all sat in the same compartment on the train, which got a little cramped because they all tried to fit in it at the same time.There is a place in the south east part of the school that has been made into a common room for you all, there will be two of you to a room, the doors are marked with your names”Hermione looked around, wondering who she was going to have to share a room with and sighed a little, wishing Ginny was an option.“Now, in addition to you not belonging to a certain house, that means that you all will not be able to have house points taken from you or awarded to you.Now I was going to take quidditch away as well, but I decided that instead of you all not being able to play quidditch, you will instead have your own team.“Well at least we’ll have Ginny and Luna as well” Hermione said happily “I know Luna is excited about all the people that are coming back” Harry kind of laughed a little and looked at the ground.Going back to Hogwarts was not going to be as fun as Hermione seemed to think it would be, but they had to put on a brave face.” Harry asked confused, their joke shop was doing great what did they need schooling for? ” “I’ve heard about a number of people possibly coming back, Neville, the Patil twins, Seamus, Dean, Lavender, Justin from Hufflepuff,” Hermione paused to think.“Something about the ministry saying they needed to be fully graduated before they could legally do the proper paperwork on the joke shop, so they have to close it down for the year and come finish their schooling because they bailed due to that cow Umbridge before they could take their N. “I know there’s more than that and I also heard that Malfoy is coming back and he’s dragging Pansy Parkinson and Blaise Zambini back with him as well” she grumbled “So we’ll still have our wonderful slytherins” “Great” Ron and Harry mumbled together.Part 2: When Harry, Ron, and Hermione got to platform 9 3/4, they were pleasantly surprised to already see Ginny, Neville and Luna there.Harry smiled seeing that Neville and Luna were holding hands, they had been dating all summer and it must have gone well if they are still holding hands.


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  2. Jun 5, 2011. Ron and Hermione are dating but Fred is in love with her too. What will happen when Fred finds out Ron's dirty little secret. Now being.

  3. May 9, 2012. Rated Fiction K+ - English - Romance/Humor - Hermione G. Fred W. - Words. Summary A prank leads to their secret being revealed. you didn't tell me something important like you dating Hermione bookworm Granger.

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