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Generation X is definitely the age group seeking the most help in dating, and you can see why.

Inspiring Boomers: I heard you are giving a talk at the Nepean Sailing Club! Irene: The keynote address at our Hot Red February Party will focus on the future of dating and particularly on a new trend that could create a big change in our perception of dating, and as a result, help us finally find that special person.

Inspiring Boomers: Have you been seeing more and more Boomers?

(i.e., people between the ages of 52 and 72) What are they looking for in a relationship? Irene: Baby boomers have a different approach to relationships from other generations, and especially from the Millennials.

Researchers also noted that future rock samples will be needed to confirm these results, because it is possible that residual carbon on the drill affected the analysis.

But "the instrument is working beautifully," Paul Mahaffy, principal investigator for Curiosity's Sample Analysis at Mars investigation, enthused.

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The $US2.5 billion nuclear-powered Curiosity has been exploring the planet's surface since its dramatic landing on August 6, for an anticipated two-year mission.

Scientists do not expect Curiosity to find aliens or living creatures - and indeed, they said Tuesday, the rover does not have the capability to identify microbial life or fossils, even if they were present today.

But the analysis of soil and rocks is aimed at finding evidence Mars may have supported life in the past.

But it would not have looked like that any time recently, the researchers cautioned.

Although it is hard to confirm an exact date, it was probably at least 3 billion years ago, Mr Grotzinger said.


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