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Internet dating site writing ad helpline

A watered down experience which leaves a lingering bad taste.

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It’s either the passport style picture whilst looking to come across as conventionally classy or the other perspective which is ‘looking wild on a night out’. The personal ads themselves trot out the same tired cliches – everyone loves ‘travelling’ – they don’t mention what they learnt from their experience or how it changed their perspective on life, just a rattled off list of all the places they’ve visited.

Then there are the ones where it’s all how career minded they are, and now they just need the partner to compliment everything. If you met someone in a pub, could you imagine if they started rattling off all the places they’ve visited, what their favourite food is and then set out their romantic agenda in their first sentence.

There was a glorious period when indeed I thought the real thing, ‘the full fat coke’ if you like, had been found and, even though it ultimately came to nothing, I look back now with healthy regard on what were beautiful feelings.

Perhaps having experienced these feelings has spoiled me or has raised my expectations too far, but I don’t think wanting a connection or rapport with someone, or the chance to care and support each other, is too much to ask?


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