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One thing you should consider above all else is the stigma of danger this breed carries.

The Boxer is considered one of the Top 10 most dangerous dogs.

The origin of the breed name, Boxer, remains debated.

Although there are distinct records starting around 1894 when the first Boxer club was formed, the name "Boxer" had been used as far back as 1845 in Charles Dickens's novella,"The Cricket on the Hearth." Many theories revolve around the dog's alleged habit to "box" while standing on his rear legs, but it may be more the fact that the dog prefers to head-butt when fighting.

Here are some Boxer facts that can help you decide if you wish to adopt a Boxer: PROSThe boxer is a large dog breed with males getting as large as 25 inches (from ground to shoulder) and weighing as much as 70 pounds.

They have high energy requirements for a large dog and require multiple walks daily or a 90 minutes of day of similar exercise.

They are not the best dog for first-time owners as they can be hard to train and may seek attention in annoying ways.

They can adapt well enough to most any size home but they don't like to be left alone much, if at all.

The breed is good with children and other pets, but will be a bit wary of strangers approaching their family's property.

In some places, they are illegal to possess in any way.

Although you may be able to properly train and socialize your Boxer, the highly publicized attacks by these dogs are sure to cause some unwanted reactions.

It could be that the breed's name was actually conceived in recognition of the German meaning for the term, prize fighter: boxer.

The first club, the Deutscher Boxer Club, was responsible for the first Boxer breed standard.


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