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This one isn't intimidating by any means, unless you are a criminal, of which the NFL has its share.For those who missed it, he is called "The Law Firm" due to the fact that a hyphenated last name in conjunction with a first name that sounds like it could be a last name, sounds like a potential name of a legal office.Rod Smart gets a nod here too for "He Hate Me." He chose the slogan for his jersey based on how he felt other teams would feel getting beaten by him.Unfortunately, as an NFL running back, his nickname should have been "He Hate Himself," given his four fumbles on just 29 career rushes.If you don't think beer and chicken wings pair up nicely with football, I suspect you may be an agent of the North Koreans.Either that or a tea-totaling vegan, which is nearly as concerning.The purpose of a nickname can be placed squarely inside the realm of the show and pageantry of professional sports.At the end of the day, a sporting event is a moneymaking entertainment venue and catchy nicknames are just one small way for broadcasters, teams, fans, and athletes themselves to add to the value of their product.

Ryan Bader, a former "The Ultimate Fighter" winner, is always a contender in the UFC's Light Heavyweight division.

His other nickname is a hilarious pun that we will not explain.

He has yet to actually be announced as Ryan "Master" Bader, but has indicated that he thinks it would be hilarious to hear Bruce Buffer announce him by that name prior to a fight.

While The Law Firm is currently a free agent, he had some solid years in the NFL.

Undrafted in 2008, Green-Ellis ran for 275 yards in his rookie year with five touchdowns.


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  2. Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! Now those are some traditional, if not intimidating, names for college teams.

  3. Cool team names including Twisted Blisters, Wheaties Box Rejects, Masters of Mayhem, We Thought They Said Rum, and The Brain Trust.

  4. The following is a list of lacrosse teams in Canada. It includes the leagues they play for and championships won. National Lacrosse League Current.

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