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Josie davis dating

Caption: Josie Bissett with Rob Estes and two children in 2004.

Following the years, the couple later realized that there was not much love left between them and so they decided to get a divorce.

All the works she has done throughout her career seems to have paid off as she currently has a net worth of million.Josie and Rob share two children; a son Mason True Estes born on 1999 and a daughter Maya Rose Estes born on April 14, 2002.Before she gave birth to any of her children, she suffered a miscarriage in 1996.In the film, the actress plays the role of Sonia Clifton, a married veterinarian who wants to have a child but recently suffered a miscarriage, only to find out she will never be able to conceive.The actress herself went through the same course of incidents as a young teenager and was quoted relating herself to her character, stating “I was shooting ‘Melrose’ at the time I was pregnant.Then after we had been there for two years, we split, but I will stay there because the kids love it.” In fact, Their children got to spend equal time with each of their parents almost equally as the children used to stay seven days with their mother and seven days with their father who also helped Rob in his acting in some way and helped him be more mature.He said to the US TODAY in 2011, "The kids live with me for seven days and then with their mom for seven days. Being with my kids and being a hands-on dad has definitely helped me mature." Rob Estes is currently married to Erin Bolte who happens to be a teacher and a surfer.The still gorgeous Josie Bissett has not exclusively revealed about what exactly is going inside her love life.Her Instagram and Twitter does not show any hint of dating, and neither has she made any announcement about having an affair with anybody.Caption: Josie Bissett before (left) and after (right).Shortly before the preview of her movie 'Pregnant at 17' Josie had the chance to talk about her life a bit in an interview with Lioness Magazine.


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