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Kim hyun joong and hwangbo dating Sex chat dollhouse philippines

I mean it’s hard enough to leave a common non-celebrity person in a relationship, let alone a charming idol who just keep coming back to you right?

I don’t know if he is a serial abuser or not, but his eyes and expression could be really scary in some scenes of Boys Over Flowers, a sign of hidden sociopath? Based on the news report, he apparently asked for her forgiveness and paid huge settlement money (600 million won) so she could just shut up about her first alleged miscarriage and revoked her claim.

She might be madly in love with him, abnormally obsessive of him and she surely loves his money, fame and constant affection.

As a top idol, I believe KHJ can make any woman fall deeply in love with his charm and looks.

When I first read about his scandal, it reminded me of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s scandal.Despite of his lack of acting skill, I admit that he is a very charming and good-looking idol.Fans said he has this 4D personality, I don’t know much though since I’m not really into him or his former group SS501.This scandal has been widely reported by media, fans and non-fans rapidly wrote their opinion in the internet, some still supported the idol while some just loathed his action and wished him to end his career in the entertainment world.Frankly, I’m not a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, I don’t watch his dramas except Boys Over Flowers and he was really terrible in that hit drama, as a result I vowed not to watch anymore of his monotonous acting.People stay in this kind of toxic relationship for many reasons and it’s never easy to leave their abuser because of the constant manipulation and attachment.Kim Hyun Joong himself admitted that he hit his girlfriend but not frequently, the photos of her injuries were published as an evidence to sue him.Later on, the ex-girlfriend revoked her claim and for a while everything seems to be okay until she announced her pregnancy.At first she said she will raise her baby alone, however just a week ago she announced that she has a miscarriage before and it was because KHJ’s frequent assault on her, now she demands him to pay around 1.6 billion won.She still professionals damages and their ahead is continuing now.She forgotten that she has no rite to get impossible with him and she will write up her hard alone.


  1. Some even think Hyun Joong might just think he and Hwangbo are dating at that time. SS501 Kim Hyun Joong said “I had been dating with female artist.

  2. Jan 16, 2012. We Got Married is a Korean reality show wherein Korean celebrities are being paired up and act like they are married, and my most favorite.

  3. Kim Hyun-joong Hangul 김현중. Kim later held his Kim Hyun-joong Fan Meeting Tour 2012 for his album promotions, making stops in Singapore. with Hwangbo

  4. May 18, 2015. Kim Hyun Joong allegedly assaulted his ex-girlfriend known as Miss Choi and she is now pregnant with his baby. This scandal has been.

  5. Kim Hyun-joong biography with personal. In 2008 Kim joined the reality show We got married where he was paired with singer Hwangbo. Date of Birth June 6, 1986

  6. Feb 22, 2015. After recent news of Kim Hyun Joong becoming a father broke out. April 2012 Kim Hyun Joong meets A through a friend and starts dating.

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