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Kooz dating dishwashers accommodating larger plates

Body length: 394 mm Upper bout width: 188 mm Middle bout width: 130 mm Lower bout width: 235 mm Body mensur: 206.5 mm String length: 350 mm Owner: Marie Takahashi.

Listen to the viola: This 7 stringed bass viol was made in 2011, personal form, based upon 17-18th Century original viols' outlines.

There’s a comfortable three rooms spacious area for the workshop in this 220 years old house, near by the Catholic church, with a large 3600 square meters garden.

The two instruments' outline and design were almost identical, so I suppose, that the original mould or, it’s rough copy were passed by luthiers of generations to generations.

Disclaimer Due to the nature of the acts in the show, changes in the cast may occur.

In addition, the content and duration of the show may differ from time to time.

These are spectacular and special places from Transylvania to South Tirol, where I go for long walks in the high mountains to smell the scent of the forests and meet the people who live there.

Then the wood rests for long years before I bring it back to its other life.


  1. Name Lukas Koos z Date of birth 1977-09-30. Lives Outside Eksjö a place called Paradise Education 3 year Economy,1 year Marketing Profession Printing.

  2. Aug 18, 2010. Old Man calls a guy he found on the craigslist barter section.

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