Lactate dating breast

Then in my senior year of college I met Brian, who was slight, with a rather girlish figure and longish blond hair.He not only let me make up his face but dress him in sexy lingerie. We began dating, but soon he felt self-conscious about being constantly feminized, though he did love it. I slapped his face, commanded him to strip, then bound him before starting his feminization.We married after graduation, and I wore a black leather tuxedo and 6” stiletto pumps while Brian dressed as the bride. He wore 4” stilettos and ankle hobbles under his long gown, and his red-nailed hands were fastened together by the rings on his wrist cuffs, with a big bridal bouquet hiding his bondage.

You might as well be trying to compete with a triathlete.

As we got into the car, I took the bouquet and tossed it for my girlfriends; Brian hadn’t invited anyone.

On our honeymoon we traveled by train, and I kept Brian in bondage and sexy things the whole time, taking our meals in our large compartment.

Except for the days he had sports, Brian wore a waist-cinch, panties and pantyhose to his classes.

When he came home he changed into sexy female clothes (from your TRANSFORMATION and TRANSVESTITE catalogs) put on a wig and make-up, then studied, relaxed, or did the cooking and housework in leather wrist and ankle hobbles, until I arrived to bind him more restrictively with ropes or leather gear.


  1. If you are not sure what the difference is between a nephrologist and urologist, you are not alone Many people are unsure of the difference.

  2. Children are mostly skeleton with large surface to volume ratio to shed heat. Meat eats oxygen by volume, lungs exchange gas by surface area.

  3. Dear Forced Womanhood, Ever since high school I used to make-up my date’s face if he fell asleep. Most boys took it as a joke.

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