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This is the continuation of this long fanfiction Frozen.After Lexa and Clarke went appart, Lexa moved to Paris, France and Clarke after she finally became a doctor, decided to move to Sydney, Australia to start a new chapter in her life, a new home, new friends, traying to overcome her loss and the pain in her heart. That’s why I was kept prisoner: I wasn’t good for anything.”Omegaverse AU starting in Season 1.When Raven’s secret came out, her life was destroyed.She did everything she could to escape her past life: she moved to a different state, started a different school, she even changed her name so no one would know who she truly was.Clarke Griffin was apart of the Griffin Pack, but now by herself after they executed her mate, she must find a way to survive on her own. In this version Madi is 12 although she would have been 7 in the TV show at this point because of the praimfaya time jump not happening.That is until Bellamy Blake of the Phoenix Pack finds her and recruits her. But what happens when they realize they're each other's Aphrodite's? Anya was shot but pretended to be dead and escaped and has been far away from events, unaware of the events since that day.But this is not the end of the love between these two strong women. When the alphas plan to take advantage of Clarke's status, she flees to find a place among the Trikru.

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But now, she thinks that just might have been her biggest mistake. Madi is being trained at Polis after Ontari destroyed her village and was a handful.

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When she finally thinks she’s in the clear, the one person who still knows her secret shows up. P Raven The Griffin was known for it's honesty and loyalty. : for a fight between yours truly and clexa rabid fans (because I don't believe any true fan would do this) do read the comments too.

That's why Clarke was confused when she witnessed her family do everything that goes against it. (added at 26 comments) Follows on a year later from Battle Lines.


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