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The snow is so deep in some places a few of the piste signs on the side of the slopes are becoming partially buried, and in Canillo yesterday, a hole had to be dug around one of the Mont Magic statues so that she didn’t become buried in the snow! The coverage on the pistes is looking pretty good thanks to the snowfall we’ve been having recently, but the consistency of the snow is a little wet and heavy at the moment, so it doesn’t quite have the powdery consistency that we dream of.

Camera resources have been advanced, IP infrastructures are at full tilt, and in-compound (and nationwide) file-sharing networks have talent from across the country contributing to the overall production of this year’s championship.Chromium is home to TBS’s pre/postgame and halftime onsite studio coverage.CBS and Turner have again deployed an IP-based asset-sharing EVS network.What may have taken four or five trucks in previous years is down to three.NEP also has a robust collection of mobile units onsite, supporting both the Team Casts and other needs.If you’re headed up the mountain then wrap up warm and keep topping up on the suncream!Last week the UK went into shutdown as the so-called “beast from the East” covered the country with snow, however, here in Andorra thick, fresh snowfall is just another day in the office for us.Content being cut there was being dropped across the public internet as early as hours before opening tip.Inside the Alamodome are 50 cameras (59 total if you count the five at Turner’s special set on San Antonio’s iconic River Walk) covering action for the main game, supplementing the Team Casts (which are back), and shooting the onsite studio set positioned at the south end of the arena.That’s not to say we take it for granted though - Unlike in the UK, we just can’t get enough of the stuff, and rather than moan about it, we wake up every morning with high hopes and fingers crossed for an awesome powder day!At the moment the upper snow depth on the mountain is just over two metres, so as you can imagine – we’re pretty happy right now!


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