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Middlesbrough girls no registration chat room

After a shower, grabbing a bite to eat and a couple of beers.

I remeber the "Leckies" job was considered the King's job by most engineers.

My first voyage took me round the world, out through the Suez Canal and Indian Ocean.

We discharged in five major Australian ports then after loading in five New Zealand ports we crossed the Pacific Ocean, calling in at Tahiti then through the Panama Canal.

Back in those days I didn't imagine that I would become a seaman myself.

Back in the 1960s, in the Hartlepools, it was quite common for young men to go away to sea.

Looking after the electrical equipment on board, our maintenance tasks were split into two periods.

My first trip was on the Delphic from Liverpool to NZ, we broke down with cooling water problems about 22 times and the trip took more than 6 weeks.

To work day work and enjoy working on deck in the tropics was just a cruise compared to us watch keeping engineers on 4 hr watches.

I started and finished my sea going period with shaw Saville and remember many an enjoyable time running between Europe and Australia & New Zealand(I now live in Oz since 1966) . N 2-stroke diesel the only problem recurring was scavenge fired and the occassional loss of the govenor.

Our time in port was spent maintaining the engine room equipment, which had been running for twenty-four hours a day and often for many weeks non-stop.

At sea the engineers worked a three watch system made up of four hours on and eight hours off. Occassionally at sea, major engine breakdowns occurred.


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