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In an exclusive interview with Elite Daily, Grace Derocha, a registered dietitian, certified diabetes educator, and certified health coach at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, tells me this is because each regimen inherently eliminates certain key food groups.

Plus, as far as long-term results of these diets go, she tells Elite Daily, "results are unavailable.""Though some of the general practices of this diet involve reduced intake of calories, simple carbs, and sugars," Derocha explains, "a more realistic way to improve your overall health is to consume a diverse diet, including lean proteins, whole grains, vegetables, fruits and heart-healthy fats, and reduced amounts of refined carbs, added sugars, and excess sodium." Though benefits of eating for your blood type have been discussed, such as increased energy levels, reduced risk for disease, and keeping your gut bacteria happy and healthy, there's just not enough concrete proof to determine whether or not this way of dieting is really worth the effort.

There is another tremendous “Con” that is never mentioned: Most people will never need a transfusion following an accident or other cause of acute blood loss.

It is not difficult to find these numbers, so if you keep saying that O negative is rare, look it up. And you can only transfuse blood so fast; it is thick and does not run through the tubing especially quickly.This is best accomplished with medications, not transfusions.and keeping the oxygen-carrying capacity of the blood up is less important.Even though every body is unique, there are only so many blood types you can have, and what’s interesting about ABOs (the name for the blood type system) is not only can they tell you so much about your health, they can also play a role in how your body reacts to certain foods.Eating for your blood type is definitely a strange concept, but some people do it, and as far as I’m concerned, diet doesn’t get more body-specific than that.I am a doctor, so I have seen the emergency bleeding side of things, and I know the procedures that are followed.It is certainly satisfying to hear, every December, that the Red Cross needs blood, especially O negative, and to know that you are in a position to help.However, scientists are at work trying to enzymatically remove part of the end of the chain of sugars on the glycopeptide H antigen molecule on the red blood cell membrane, the precursor to type A and type B blood that virtually everyone has, and the antigen that makes type O what it is. While the first one or two units are going in, then additional units are being prepared in the blood bank.Packed red blood cells are not the first choice of substances to give when you are trying to keep blood pressure up, which is the primary goal in an emergency.Since an individual with O negative blood is a lot more likely to be related to someone with O negative blood, much of the blood is directed donations from family members.Actually, as I’m writing this, the Pacific Northwest is low on O negative, while their supply of B negative is critical. For the most part, other than the slightly increased need for O negative, the proportion of each blood type of donors is the same proportion for recipients.


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