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Traditional Vastu Shastra remains influential in India's architecture during the contemporary era.

The Indus Valley Civilization (3300 BCE - 1700 BCE) covered a large area around the Indus River basin and beyond.

Fortified cities with stūpas, viharas, and temples were constructed during the Maurya empire (c. Architectural creations of the Mauryan period, such as the city of Pataliputra, the Pillars of Ashoka, are outstanding in their achievements, and often compare favourably with the rest of the world at that time.

Commenting on Mauryan sculpture, John Marshall once wrote about the "extraordinary precision and accuracy which characterizes all Mauryan works, and which has never, we venture to say, been surpassed even by the finest workmanship on Athenian buildings".

The capital city of Pataliputra was an urban marvel described by the Greek ambassador Megasthenes.

Remains of monumental stone architecture with a strong Achaemenid and Greek influence can be seen through numerous artifacts recovered from Pataliputra, such as the Pataliputra capital.

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In effect, many stupas are thought to date originally from the time of Ashoka, such as Sanchi or Kesariya, where he also erected pillars with his inscriptions, and possibly Bharhut, Amaravati or Dharmarajika in Gandhara.Anitha Angel, Fox News Video‎, Sony MIX, Herman Cain, Washington Free Beacon, Crickettoday, Ian Somerhalder, Conservative Post, Cricket For India, Deepa Berar, The Straits Times, Washington Examiner, Richa Panai, Truth And Action, Archana, Pari Nidhi, Greta Van Susteren, Lena, Dude Perfect, CNN Politics, Navya Nair., Chicks On The Right, Malavika menon, Aashka Goradia, Kavya Suresh, Hamza Ali Abbasi, The Revolution, India TV, Politicus USA, Ariana Ayam, Instinct Magazine, Anita Bhat, Miya, Komal Jha, Shravya, Alena Savostikova, Millionaires 4 dating, Robb Report, Alltime Vacations, Computer science & I.The architecture of India is rooted in its history, culture and religion.Most houses have two stories, and very uniform sizes and plans.The large cities declined relatively quickly, for unknown reasons, leaving a less sophisticated village culture behind.Various types of individual housing of the time of the Buddha (c. 483/400 BCE), resembling huts with chaitya-decorated doors, are also described in the reliefs of Sanchi.Particularly, the Jetavana at Sravasti, shows the three favourite residences of the Buddha: the Gandhakuti, the Kosambakuti and the Karorikuti, with the throne of the Buddha in the front of each.Most of the art found is in miniature forms like seals, and mainly in terracotta, but there are a very few larger sculptures of figures.In most sites fired mud-brick (not sun-baked as in Mesopotamia) is used exclusively as the building material, but a few such as Dholavira are in stone.In its mature phase, from about 2600 to 1900 BCE, it produced several cities marked by great uniformity within and between sites, including Harappa, Lothal, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site Mohenjo-daro.The civic and town planning and engineering aspects of these are remarkable, but the design of the buildings is "of a startling utilitarian character".


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