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Nexon game card not validating

You will understand when you fight in a laggy situation. You have been selected as a Mabinogi Closed Beta tester!

Thank you for your participation and enjoy your fantasy life! This title is getting quite a buzz at mmorpgdotcom (thread started by a very well known hardcore PKer no less o. ) but apparently it was titled as 'closed to NA players only'? *sighs* This is exactly why I don't get the part when providers (gameflier, asiasoft bla bla bla...) seems to always miss out on some titles... These days I try not to jump in NA waters too fast because of lags etc.

yeah, I'm still hoping that they might listen i think cabal can perform good since its the only hardcore looking mmo they have.

ro2 not sure, but i'm afraid it might be 1 of those average mmo play and forget when new games release.

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Not saying that if it's with any iota of chance to reach where I'd want it to be but just wanna see if they're willing to look for SEA partners and if they are, I'm curious about which ones.But I can sure that this game is unique, and the music part is good, you can compose or copy the song wrote on the official forum and play it everywhere.I play this game because it seems like you don't need to grind like a mindless machine and it's ok though you need to grind, although grinding is obviously a must have process in MMORPG, but the battle system is not bad but is hard to play when you lag.This is now a mabi picture spam thread Fashion of Mabinogi world Human Paladin transformation modethat's one long dungeon that this person have to go through...(so learnin' magic is necessary eh..? i mean from the way this person fighting the mobs.) counter infinite combo is the safest way to play without getting hurt but the requirement is below 150ms latency to the server, thats below 0.5sec lag. Now you can just close the browser and log in to mabinogi If you want to close Hot Spot shield, just right click the green tray icon and choose "Exit" 1. Different mechanisms are provided to enable a gaming machine to download files/images, move/copy the files/images from one folder to another without breaking authentication, and resume interrupted file manipulation operations such as move/copy operations and/or download operations which have been interrupted by a power hit.In this way, the technique of the present invention is able to provide a self-diagnostic system for ensuring authenticated, atomic transactions, and for automatically handling detected error conditions.Seriously if it's gonna be either MY or SG based, the better it is for the rest of us.And this applies ESPECIALLY to anyone with 24, 60.48 - 60.50 , 88, 118, 124, 218, 219 headed dynamic IPs =p~.When a game company updates the community on what they're working on but don't release dlc they get shit.So you want updates frequently but they must release dlc when there is an update?


  1. NX Prepaid is purchased using Karma Koin, Nexon Game Cards, Xsolla, or PaySafeCard PaySafeCard only available in Europe. There are no restrictions on NX Prepaid. There are no restrictions on NX Prepaid.

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  5. Refined Reforging Tools PLUS do not increase the number of reforging effects Reforging stats depend on where the item is equipped. Different stats also have different possible maximums Different stats also have different possible maximums

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