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Whatever your situation, interest in honestly exploring this difficult question is a sign of courage.

But ultimately, the other person – at least if they were an older teenager or adult – did make choices (several choices over time, actually) which resulted in them giving in to desires, fantasies and impulses that they knew, at some level, were wrong and would be harmful to a child.Understanding is very different from finding excuses.Excuses are reasons why the person is not responsible.It’s also normal for such strong feelings to influence our thought processes, and to prevent us from thinking clearly or even to prevent us from absorbing information.And so, as with everything else you can explore on this website, it’s important to pace yourself, and to give yourself all the time you need, including to put this page and this issue aside for a while, if that makes sense.It is in everyone’s interest for those who sexually misuse children to be held accountable.That includes the interests of the person who uses or abuses a child.In discussions of this issue, strong divisions often arise between different people – even between people used or abused by the same person.One person may want to “forgive and forget,” another may be enraged and focused on seeking justice or revenge, and another may cycle (repeatedly) through a whole range of emotions, perceptions and motivations related to the person who abused them.These may include: Importantly, people may not be fully aware of some reasons why they’re asking why the other person (or people) did this to them.They may not recognize some hopes they have for the benefits that such understanding could bring. Over time the full significance of this question in your life may become clearer – or completely change as other aspects of your life change.


  1. Men more than women endorsed reasons for having sex that involved a. such as ''to change the topic of conversation,'' ''to get a favor from someone,'' or ''to.

  2. Aug 8, 2013. In usual Buffer blog manner, I thought of finding some real science to back up some of. The word conversation generally brings to mind talking—at least for me. Stephen Covey's book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is also a great. They let others talk about themselves – it's as rewarding as sex.

  3. Kaputa Chat Room Sri Lanka Commununity Chat Room is the place for Sri Lankans. Usually people will keep in contact through e-mail, regular mail, and. in many chat rooms and it happens to be a rampant thing these days, is cyber sex.

  4. May 26, 2017. less than you. Chances are, you're more normal than you think. Once we hit adulthood, most people are having some kind of sex. For 20 to.

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