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Not interested in dating right now

Even when I KNOW he’s not busy, he still takes at least an hour to respond. I try to express how that makes me feel but it just pisses him off and he tells me he’s tired and wants to get some rest. I could go on and on but the point is, I’m completely stuck and don’t know what to do.

I talk to him about his change in texting and he just says he wants to focus more on school.. But now he’s been becoming really rude and acting as If it really doesn’t matter if I exist at all really. I only get to see him on weekends so I try to plan ahead to make sure everything goes well and I get to see him that weekend.So he started focusing more in school and has refrained from texting me as much.We used to text all day long and then at night he would call me and talk until I got too tired to stay awake.He suggested calling round and I figured i felt safe with him and he suggested we might talk about some political topic (we have common interests and values).He came round said a bit later it was obvious as soon as he walked through the door that we liked each other.We talked a bit we’ve both had recent tragedies and it seems he has a lot going on too but suggested maybe our daughter’s could hang out.But he soon made moves and because I’m naughty and weak willed I suggested we went upstairs and we had sex three times. I foolishly messaged him on tinder and he said ‘maybe in a few weeks’.School ends at 3pm then practice is from 4-6 and he doesn’t get home until around 7.Then he usually eats dinner, takes a shower, and then it’s around 9pm.Any suggestions would be fine, and I thank you so much for sparing your time to read and/or respond to this. I got a mutual match on tinder from a guy I’d met briefly in real life.I was looking for casual because I have too much goi on in my life but liked this guy.


  1. Tips for Gay Teens Who Want a Boyfriend. but I'm really not interested in dating girls right now. do all of this and still not have a boyfriend right away.

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