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Online dating sites for cancer survivors

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I had my first stroke when I was I lost the feeling as well as the use of my entire right side. I decided to wait to date until the kids were grown and I was able to at least try to maintain a "normal" relationship.. It sure would be nice to make those moments count with someone special though! I was never told that it is or can be a fatal disease..

I went through a few years of physical therapy only to have a second heart attack.. I know their are others out in the world who can relate to what I've been through. I was called by attorneys about "the lawsuit" that is still continuing on to this day over them. I have other complications caused by this disease.. Among events of a devotee website, interest in addition a few survivor was lower than interest in a pristine suppose without a day history.

I can have a stroke or a heart attack at any given moment. I have found that most men I've dated didn't care one bit about my cane.. I'm not going to re-bury my head in the sand either. The diets backfired and she's now gone through her second major operation. And this dahing supported our first rate, this menu was shorter in lieu size.

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