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They walk down the street with their actual friends while each of them texts other friends, or perhaps each other.

Young adults are known to be the most frequent texters of all age groups, with a 2011 Pew Center Poll showing an average of 50 texts per day (compared to 10 in the 35-44 age group).

Using a sample of 83 first-year undergraduates (56 females), Murdock asked participants to report on how much interpersonal stress they were experiencing, their number of daily texts, degree of school burnout (exhaustion, cynicism, and sense of efficacy), feelings of emotional well-being, and degree of sleep problems.

These participants had a whopping average of 115 daily texts but otherwise were relatively robust scores on the measures of stress, burnout, and sleep.

They are also highly prone to interpersonal stress given the fact that they’re testing out all kinds of new relationships in their lives.

Therefore, Klein Murdock believed this would be a perfect age group on whom to test the idea that stress texting can lead to a host of life problems.


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