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Next time you're online, try to keep an open mind by getting rid of some or all of your filters and see what you find. Men and women definitely date online in different ways.

While women tend to be too choosy, men tend not to be choosy enough.

I am honest, friendly and sensitive, haft fire and haft water, quite , i like to travel, enjoy new food and new culture, like nature and beach, countryside, like something simple , i ma not wear luxury, single life with .. Want to share this beautiful life with man and to make him happy. I am an ordinary man, I am half Japanese and half Caucasian.

I am soft, different, honest, patient, strong and independent. I am looking for a woman that is honest, trustworthy, and has grace.

A lot of people misrepresent themselves in other ways, too.

In another effort to cast a wide net, you omit quirky things about yourself in your profile like that polka band that you’ve traveled to see a dozen times, your love for World of Warcraft, your addiction to reality TV or your position as president of the Cyndi Lauper Fan Club.

“Attractive” can only take you so far in a relationship with someone.

If you can't handle being around her because she is too annoying, loud, quiet, intellectual or dumb, then the whole endeavor will be a waste of your time.

Change your picture to one that looks like you and you'll attract people who are interested.

You'd certainly expect the same courtesy of others.


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