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Radiocarbon dating is the technique upon which chronologies of the late Pleistocene and Holocene have been built.This resource is designed to provide online information concerning the radiocarbon dating method.More recently he has been most concerned with the development of high-precision techniques and their applications to archaeological and environmental problems. Identification and correlation of visible tephras in the Lake Suigetsu SG06 sedimentary archive, Japan: Chronostratigraphic markers for synchronising of east Asian/west Pacific Pacific palaeoclimatic records for 150ka Staff, R. L., Brock, F., Kitagawa, H., van der Plicht, J., Schlolaut, G., Marshall, M. The radiocarbon dating results pinpoint the relic’s age to the fourth century AD - the time that some historians allege that St Nicholas died (around 343 AD).The results suggest that the bones could in principle be authentic and belong to the saint.The Research Laboratory for Archaeology and the History of Art (RLAHA) is a laboratory at the University of Oxford, England which develops and applies scientific methods to the study of the past.It was established in 1955 and its first director was Teddy Hall.

The sudden demise of Grootboom coincided with the spread of the poorly studied baobab disease, which has become epidemic in Namibia.

The corresponding calibrated calendar age of the oldest sample was 1275 ± 50 years, making Grootboom the oldest known angiosperm tree with reliable dating results.

Variations in radiocarbon dates among the wood samples indicated that, morphologically, Grootboom was a quintuple tree, whereas genetically, it was a single individual.

L., Brock, F., Kitagawa, H., van der Plicht, J., Schlolaut, G., Marshall, M.

A., Payne, R., Bronk Ramsey, C., Bryant, C., Brock, F., Schlolaut, G., Marshall, M., Tarasov, P., Lamb, H., SG06, a fully continuous and varved sediment core from Lake Suigetsu, Japan: stratigraphy and potential for improving the radiocarbon calibration model and understanding of late Quaternary climate changes Kossler A, Tarasov P, Schlolaut G, Nakagawa T, Marshall MH, Brauer A, Staff RA, Bronk Ramsey C, Bryant CL, Lamb HF, Demske D, Gotanda K, Haraguchi T, Yokoyama Y, Yonenobu H, Tada R.


  1. Prof Christopher Ramsey Director of the Research Laboratory, Director of Oxford Radiocarbon Accelerator Unit Professor of Archaeological Science

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