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He added: “The bond between fathers and children is just as important and we would question the evidence Ms Leach is citing for the primacy of the maternal bond.” He said her argument did not accord with common sense was described her claims as “worrying.” Leach has previously drawn criticism for her previous bestselling book, Your Baby & Child: From Birth to Age Five, published.

In this she claimed only mothers could care properly for their children.

Due to these feelings of jealousy, some children may seek a lot of attention or interrupt conversations you have with your new friend. It will take time for your child to adjust to your having relationships with other adults.

Most state this is because they can’t afford to take the entitlement.This is particularly true when it involves a parent’s new friend.For example, be sensitive to how your child feels when your new friend comes to dinner.Even children of single parents can have negative feelings associated with “not having” a mother or father in their life.When a parent begins dating, these negative feelings can be intensified for the child.She has also attracted controversy after she claimed scientific evidence showed that leaving a baby to cry could affect the development of its brain and make it prone to anxiety in later life.It comes as a think tank suggested that working fathers should be given the chance to play a bigger role in early parenting, through an entitlement to four weeks of paid leave following the birth of their child.Make sure to ease your child’s fears by showing and telling them how much you love them.Show an interest in everything they do and congratulate them for their achievements as well as their efforts.Penelope Leach, one of Britain's leading childcare experts, said shuttling children backwards and forwards between two homes and allowing them to 'sleepover' with the parent they do not normally live with can affect the development of their brains.Ms Leach, a former president of the National Childminding Association who has written a number of books about caring for children, says allowing under fives to spend a night with one parent when they primarily live with another creates “unhealthy attachment issues.” She also claims in her latest book, Family Breakdown, that there was “undisputed evidence” that a period of separation from the parent they normally live with - typically their mothers - can adversely affect a child’s brain development.


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