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Psych james roday maggie lawson dating

His health obviously took precedence, and his role was reduced to a brief appearance.

“Tim suffered a stroke, and it was like the whole rug just came out.

James dated his co-actress, Maggie Lawson and shared memories together.

For the old cast, it was a bittersweet moment stepping on set without Omundson. “So it became something that we were all able to rally around, and it kind of became a battle cry the longer we were on set.” Omundson’s cameo was shot after the movie had wrapped.

“We’d seen the movie without his part and we’d gotten used to it at that level,” confessed Steve Franks.

However, he suffered what psychos now call “a wee touch of the stroke” in May, around the same time that plans for the revival were announced. He has tweeted several times about his progress and is currently doing well in rehab.

According to reports, the 48-year-old suffered a stroke at Tampa International Airport. And, his latest tweets tell us he enjoyed writers scrambled to rewrite his part in the movie by keeping the integrity of a beloved character and accommodating his recovery schedule.


  1. The latest Tweets from Maggie Lawson. I can not wait to get back on set with her& my #psych Family. Ja 🐘 es Roday Verified account @JamesRoday.

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