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Puremessage not updating

On the top of the pager you have an overview over the most important email headers like the sender, the recipient, the subject, and much more information.How much information you actually see depends on your configuration, which we'll describe below.When selecting a mailbox to open, the browser allows custom sorting of items, limiting the items shown by a regular expression and a freely adjustable format of what to display in which way.It also allows for easy navigation through the file system when selecting file(s) to attach to a message, select multiple files to attach and many more.You can always type menu listing all available key bindings.

If the email contains any attachments, you will see more information about them below the email body, or, if the attachments are text files, you can view them directly in the pager.

The command line is used to display informational and error messages as well as for prompts and for entering interactive commands.

Mutt is configured through variables which, if the user wants to permanently use a non-default value, are written to configuration files.

Especially for new users it may be helpful to meet other new and experienced users to chat about Mutt, talk about problems and share tricks.

Since translations of Mutt into other languages are highly appreciated, the Mutt developers always look for skilled translators that help improve and continue to maintain stale translations.


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