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Everyone who ever talked VI Foreword with him, even if only once, could call him theii "best friend," since in meeting him, overwhelmed by such integrity, it was impossible not to give the best that was m one.

He kept all sorts of pets, a chameleon, a parrot, squirrels, tortoises, a crocodile and other creatures I cannot list because I don't know how to spell their names; not long before he died, he had been force-feeding some kind of lizard, an iguana from Brazil, stuffing pieces of hard-boiled egg into its mouth with a little stick."I'm afraid," he said, "that I'll die before this poor creature does." Whether the world be good or evil I cannot say, but I am certain that it is men like Bazin who make it a better place.For, in believing life to be good and behaving accordingly, Andre had a beneficial effect on all who came in contact with him, and one could count on the fingers of one hand those who behaved badly toward him.He died only a few hours after I had finished my first day's shooting.When, on bemg sent for by his friend Pere Leger, I arrived at his home in Nogent, he looked up at me but could no longer speak and was in acute pain.He had complete faith in the power of argument and I have seen him win over the toughest policeman, being helped rather than hindered by a stammer thanks to which he was able to rivet people's attention.He would expose a dishonest argument by first taking over his adversary's thesis, developing it better than had the man himself, and then demolishing it with rigorous logic. es^fff selected and translated by HUGH GRAY VOi Uil E II ! The essays in this first English edition were selected by the translator, and are published by arrangement with Editions du Cerf, All rights reserved. VOL II by ANDRE BAZIN essays selected and translated by HUGH GRAY UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley Los Angeles Londo Q UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS Berkeley and Los Angeles, California UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, LTD, London, England Copyright © 1971 by The Regents of the University of California First printing, 1971 First Paperback Edition, 1972 ISBN: O-520-02255-6 Library of Congress Catalog Card No.: 67-18899 The original edition from which this translation has been made was published in Paris by Editions du Cerf, under the tttie Qu-esi-ce que le Cinema?The cruel, the truly desoiatljig, the profoundly sad fact is that he is dead. Not long ago I came across a passage in a letter of his that characterizes his critical approach: "I'm sorry I couldn't see Mizoguchi's films again with you at the Cinema- theque.I rate Mm as highly as you people do and I claim to love him the more tecause I love Kurosawa too, who is the other side of the coin: would we know the day any better if there were no night?


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  2. Only the cinema can do this, for its prime element is life itself. does not have to believe in a cruel God to feel the guilt of which Joseph K. is culpable. whose twin hemispheres were inflated by an airborne publicity cam- paign to the size. one should doubtless attribute this spread o£ erot- icism largely to the cinema.

  3. Aug 31, 2017. IR, The D850 is the camera Nikon desperately needed. Kokonaisen. Luuranko 2017 K-18 Linkkejä kuviin ja gallerioihin. Uusin. Petapixel.com, Lomo'Instant Square The First Analog Instant Cam for Instax Square Film. 10 Things You Can Learn from the Pros to Help You Take Better Photos.

  4. Ereas trachoma is a disease of the eyes ~hich if mtreated usually causes loss. An ordi2zncr rcqulrinc Pull n.i. intrrrancc and Knrrit dry c.ion. Cree Trihul Council to cake a co-~plete incrrcct ton, but the privacy. n-icnded i n brv k,y.-*. !;encr afficc, in order that Azency staff can bo cCtificd t o stmnd by kith fire.

  5. Jun 4, 2017. Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish. K Notting Hill and North Kensington 66 L Marylebone, Bayswater and Little. You can enjoy an amazing variety of activities in our gardens over the Weekend. coffee, cake and cold drinks Conditions No alcohol and no smoking Web.

  6. Sharing Social Context Is Community with the Posthuman. Possible? 279. Pramod K. Nayar teaches at the Department of English, the University of. can debate endlessly about the meaning of proposed changes in the human con-. to his scalp, down his face and along the barrel of a gun, then the virtual cam-.

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