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: In houses, screened openings provided to ventilate an attic space.

They are located in the soffit area as inlet ventilators and in the gable end or along the ridge as outlet ventilators.

The term has no reference to the actual hardness or softness of the wood.

: A device used to remove dissolved minerals from water to make it soft.

Fire resistant materials are designed specifically for this purpose.

: Fireclay or terra-cotta pipe, round or square, usually made in all ordinary flue sizes and in 2 ft. Used for the inner lining of chimneys with the brick or masonry work around the outside.

: Hard and tough hardwood used for flooring, interior trim, stair treads, and railings.

Popular as a face veneer plywood for paneling and cabinetwork. White oak has similar characteristics and applications.

: A rectangular area of land used in the survey system which is approximately one mile square bounded by section lines.: A steel beam with a cross section resembling the letter I.It is used for long spans as basement beams or over wide wall openings, such as a double garage door, when wall and roof loads are imposed on the opening.Furring provides a space for insulation, helps prevent moisture transmission, and provides a level surface for paneling or other surface finishing treatment.Back to Top [hr] G : A hard and heavy brown to reddish brown hard wood.: Sill plate is a horizontal member anchored to a masonry wall.Sole plate is bottom horizontal member of a frame wall.Harder grades are used for joists, rafters, studdings, sills, sheathing, porch columns, posts, balusters, and stair rails.: A drawing of surveyed land indicating the location, boun daries. The recorded plat, usually sent to an appropriate governmental office or the county recorders office, also contains information as to easements, restrictions, and lot number.: Both hard and soft maple are generally light tan and used in construction where hardness is a major factor.Used for expensive cabinetwork, flooring, doors, and trim.


  1. Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering, Politecnico di Milano, Italy, 2009. Ralf Schlaps Christopher Chahine Stefano Caloni Jonathan Ollar

  2. KUEBLER 8.5020.3552.1024 Helmut Schlaps GmbH. 800T-N17930mm Mechanical Interlock 800T PB parker 1322950000 ESU-D2/UC110-240V 116383ETC100G-54

  3. Helmut Schlaps GmbH158.13 D0 Nr.95037658. MONO Circulating pump mechanical seal E15AS81RMA / G / 2C BAUER BG06-11/DWU08LA12;Artikel-Nr. 173Z874300

  4. ASCE-ASME Journal of Risk and Uncertainty in Engineering Systems, Part B Mechanical Engineering;. Schlaps; Shahrokh Shahpar; Vincenzo Fico;.

  5. R. Schlaps — Queen Mary University of London. Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary.

  6. AlSofi, Hosam; Wüchner, Roland; Bletzinger, Kai-Uwe Evaluation of Added Mass Modeling Approaches for the Design of Membrane Structures by Fully.

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