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He's coming down next month to marry me, Hope he's got a good sense of humour..

I started out on Chatway back in '97, then pretty much IRCOp'd a number of Chat Space servers before finally trolling around Telstra's IRC server starting in 2000 before I stopped using IRC in 2003. I used Austnet regularly, back in 2001, up till around 2003 or so.

I am still one of those sad ones that still go on IRC daily. I still go on Austnet because I have been going on there for years and have met a lot of awesome people there. I still remember the early days when I first started using it (I was 14) and used to spam my channel.

An ASD admin with the nick "Lwaxana" used to always suspend it!

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" Oh yeah, then there would go my channel for few days and me gone off austnet for few hours : P of course it had a service like Chan OPit had "Z" which was a modified version of "X" and "W" which were on undernet. Nick Op was a rip off of Dalnet services.ONLY original service that wasnt copied from other networks, as far as im aware, was Love Op.. When the internet was "new", a lot of people used IRC, and it was very easy to meet new, interesting people. IRC/chat is just dead boring today, so no wonder we don't see any new people...:( I then realised she was a 40 something year old mum that sat on austnet all day suspending channels of spammers - quite sad.-Nick Op- *** Information about Lwaxana [958] ***--Nick Op- Last address: [email protected] Op- Last online : Fri Oct 12 2007 AWST--Nick Op- Registered : Tue Nov 11 1997 AWST--Nick Op- Current Time: Fri Oct 19 2007 AWST--Nick Op- Web Address : off--Nick Op- Language : English - Plain--Nick Op- Options Set : Ownership enforcement, Auto Ops without Identify, Note on adduser, Note on deluser, NOTICE Interface--Nick Op- *** End of Information *** I still use IRC a fair bit actually.Everyone would rather talk to people that they know or have some degree of familiarity with (MSN).The net was once a place where you could go to relax and forget about the troubles in real life.My theory is that people prefer to have everything organised - including their friends.MSN gives people a means to 'catalogue' and group their friends and see their status at a glance (and a display picture to boot).Cow, Discofever, Sekt, Burge, Windshear, Bushman, cornbread, murder1, Xe No X, Red_Valdez, Scorpian007 (seen him around on WP), Rayna (seen her here, too)... Once I started building up a list on MSN, I began to use IRC less and less. :(I'm 22 now, but I used to go alot when I was between 15-19.I haven't used it in well over three or so years, come to think of it. You didn't "have to" stop going to Austnet, unless the g-line was on your username & hostmask... I used to join the following channels:#liverpool#sydney#philosophy#doosh#italia#fairfield#teens The channels used to be packed, and I'd always used to bump into people online that I actually knew in real life.I used to love the good old days of austnet, and I really miss it. Australian chat rooms are nearly non existent, especially after MSN closed down their chat rooms. At the start it was fun, but towards the end I just found it sad that people sat on it all day long.With that being said, there's still a few people I speak to now that I met off IRC. Most of them took it so seriously as if it were their job or something.


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