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If a violation of the rules occurs the landlord then should notify the offending tenant that he/she is in violation of the parking rules with a request to move their vehicle immediately.

This should be done by phone or in person followed by a dated letter.

If this procedure does not deter the offending tenant then the final action is to evict the tenant.

I would recommend an attorney be used for this type of action.

At the termination of the lease (voluntarily or not) any amount remaining held for the tenant, must be returned to the tenant.

I have found that this subject is the most common cause of lawsuits by tenants against management companies and building owners.

Which vehicle you choose depends a lot on what your goals are in investing in real estate. Very often the question of allowing service animals in your rental when your policy is ‘no pets’ is one that I have found some landlords don’t fully understand.

First, below is the definition of a service animal as stated by the federal government: “Service animals are defined as dogs that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities.

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The landlord could also at the time of sending out the original notice of the rules contract with a towing company to remove cars from the property if notified by the landlord.This blog subject was prompted by an article written by Roy Hanlin and published in the Journal of Property Management. When a security deposit is submitted for the rental of a house or apartment the deposit belongs to the tenant until either the tenant’s lease is terminated or he moves from the unit.The security deposit is held by the management company or building owner to be used when this event occurs (tenant moving) so that any costs related to damages, non-payment of rent or charges owed under the terms of the lease can be recovered by the owner.That is why documentation, pictures and eye-witness accounts of items charged against terminated tenants is most important.Also it is important to have a written lease in effect that specifically spells out charges that can be levied against the deposit.I very promptly received a letter from an attorney (not always a pleasant experience) stating that while we may not have been discriminating against the applicant based on the ADA, we were discriminating against her based on the Fair Housing Act.See the following explanation from Wikipedia: While the ADA has narrowed the definition of service animals that are required to be permitted in places of public accommodation, other laws still provide broader definitions in other areas.When this is established the landlord must post a sign on the building stating the name and location of the company that can tow vehicles as warning notice.If the particular tenant keeps on violating the rules you can then issue another written notice and have the vehicle towed.I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE AN ANSWER ABOUT THE NEIGHBORS NOT GETTING ALONG IN MULTI FAMILY UNITS THAT SHARE A DRIVEWAY AND IS CONSISTENTLY CAUSING PROBLEMS FOR THE OTHER TENANTS IN THE BUIDLING.IT’S BEGINNING TO BE HARASSMENT IN THE FIRST DEGREE BUT THE TENANTS HAVE BEEN DISCOURAGED FOR CALLING THE POLICE TO AVOID POINTS ON THE PROPERTY.


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