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Sex chat robots

However, it proactively returns a Wikipedia article because it is definitely about same sex marriage and has a higher level of analysis.It takes further proactive action by recommending the removal of analysis as a requirement.This is a powerful example of a bot using context in a conversation.The user is referring to the article that was just returned.Since Fetch is powered by Intellogo’s cognitive platform it understands concepts like “analytical”, “liberal point of view” and “persuasive” — things which cannot be captured by keywords.It also understands how much these concepts are present in articles, books, videos, movies, etc.

Formats can be combined so you could have an interview that is also an analysis.The bots is able to combine these concepts so in this case it combines commentary with analysis.The purpose of the bot is to return fewer results which are more relevant.The cognitive center has processed the request and sends back its recommendation along with a description of its reasoning to the user.This is important because it builds a trust relationship between the bot and the user.The bot now has everything that it needs and sends the intent along with everything else it has just learned to its cognitive processing center for fulfillment.The purpose of NLP is to syntactically understand what the user is asking.It begins to break down the query into meaningful parts using natural language processing (NLP). At this point, the bot already knows that it will look for analysis (a kind of format generally found in news) about same sex marriage.The bot is coming back with an additional clarification question because the initial query specified a legal query but also a news analysis.The purpose of cognitive processing is to semantically understand it.The cognitive center gives meaning to the query and all the content in its corpus and uses its own judgement combined with its understanding of the user to fulfill the request.


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