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Your website should look professional and reliable, but it doesn’t have to be boring.Don’t be afraid of making a strong visual statement.GERMANY - On a recent visit to the University of Leipzig to review the latest research there, the agriculture minister has called for a practical method to determine the sex of chicken embryos in order to bring to an end the culling of male layer chicks by the end of 2016.Federal food and agriculture minister, Christian Schmidt, last week saw for himself the research results to phase out the killing of male chicks during a visit at the University of Leipzig.Sexing currently takes about 15 to 20 seconds per egg but improvements could realistically be made to reduce it to less than 10 seconds. Use the site’s visual and textual content to highlight your strengths.

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When product manufacturers are putting a new item on the market, they invest lots of time and energy into finding the right package that will appeal to their potential customers.He added: "I want us to be a pioneer for better animal welfare in egg production in Europe. My goal is that this chick culling ends by 2017 but the sector must also play its part." The joint research project for spectroscopic sex determination in the egg at the universities of Leipzig and Dresden is now well underway.Project co-ordinator, Professor Maria Kraulwald-Junghanns, explained: "The aim of the project was to explore alternatives to the killing of male chicks of layer lines, so that the hatching and therefore the killing of male chicks is prevented from the outset.The next steps are to optimise and then automate the NIR method, as well as to ensure that the female embryos are not harmed by the process.After that, commercial enterprises will need to invest in the development of standard devices and use them. Or are the lawyers, marketing writers, accountants and all service providers of the world doomed to have dreary marketing campaigns? And we have a 7 step plan to help you brand your service business just like those naturally desirable products. Unless you’re an industry insider, marketing these products seems almost effortless. Can the “effortless” sex appeal that comes with some products also be applied to services?This is more difficult with a service, which can appear more abstract.To avoid this vagueness, you should market your service with an emphasis on what your clients should expect at the end of your process.He added that, when such a device is available on the market, there will be no need for the nation's hatcheries to kill male chicks, a practice that will soon belong in the past.The research to end this procedure is a central part of the Ministry's animal welfare initiative 'A Question of Attitude - New ways for better animal welfare', which has already cost more than €2 million.


  1. Aug 10, 2010. "He advised me not to think about my appearance or about 'sexing it up'. No. 1 Make sure you have a website. Tools such as SquareSpace.

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  3. Apr 1, 2015. He added that, when such a device is available on the market, there will be no need for the nation's hatcheries to kill male chicks, a practice that.

  4. May 21, 2014. Hence, males produce two types of sperm cells a male-determining type without sex chromosomes 0-sperm and a female-determining type.

  5. Dec 14, 2017. Become a Member. Cognitive scientists are fascinated by chicken sexing because the. He notes that, today, with the intense consolidation of the poultry industry, sexers are no longer. Twitter Twitter; Website Website.

  6. Dec 9, 2015. By using this website, you consent to the use of cookies as described in our. There was no selection; simply all available skeletons in the. and rows specifying sexing results of each method as male, female, or ambiguous.

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