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I also line up one person to participate via Skype and another to interview via phone.

This exercise will work with more or fewer, too, so use whatever resources you have.

I contact the Skype interviewer using my Skype account so we don’t waste time having the students log into and out of their accounts, though I have the students call the phone interviewer using their own phones.

The Skype interviewees plug their headphones into the computer during the interviews so that their conversations aren’t audible to the whole class.

: At the beginning of class, I collect all of the students’ résumés.

I ask the in-person interviewers and the Skype interviewer to spend one to two minutes introducing themselves and their practices (it’s a bit cumbersome to include the phone interviewer here).

I also send to the phone and Skype interviewers the résumés of the students they will be interviewing.

I give them an overview of how the class will run (more on that below), though I don’t provide them with scripted interview questions.I ask the interviewers to conduct basic screening interviews, as though they are winnowing down a large group of candidates.The interviewers read the students’ résumés for the first time as they ask questions, which is typical of many first-round interviews (at least in my experience).I emphasize that I want them to ask the types of interview questions that they would normally ask candidates during an interview.I find that the students are exposed to a wider variety of interviewing styles and have a more realistic experience if the interviewers ad lib.Having the interviewers come in “blind” this way puts the onus on the students to highlight their experiences during the interview, rather than letting them rely on their résumés to do the work for them.Of course, if you choose to match students and alumni up before class, you could certainly circulate the students’ résumés in advance so the interviewers have a chance to read them.: I hold class in a large lecture hall that has plenty of space for everyone to spread out.The room is set up like this: This set-up keeps everyone in the same room and accessible for debrief but separates the conversations enough that they don’t interfere with each other.Second, it gives students an opportunity to network with employers who may be particularly inclined to hire our grads.For my class of 24 students, I try to find six alumni to conduct in-person interviews.


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