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Tammy trent dating david

I loved reading Tammy’s thoughts, but I’d already filmed, you know. And how they were in context with only the lines immediately following and preceding. It was all just giving yourself over to the experience and allowing the process itself to infuse all that you needed into the moment of being your character.

So, we’re all learning together how everything works itself in. Every part of the process was mysterious, like, unreal in a beautiful and maddening way. Were any of you tempted on set to interrogate him about your character?

Everyone was protecting it—reverence is the only thing I can think of.

David, you see him giving heart and soul, and Mark’s there, and you just can’t help but feel like, okay, you have to step up to the best of who you are to be able to hold space for whatever this amazing thing that’s happening is.

But not from anyone on set, because I could not imagine anyone on set letting a piece of this thing go out into the world.

All the visuals at the top of Episode 3, with the purples and the ocean, was David Lynch getting to really express himself with support and with resources.

And so there’s the comical and the meaningful and the Easter eggs people talk about. He’s such a humble, lovely person, and it’s just been so many years—and now seeing him finally get to fulfill his purpose and give this to the world is really something.

Plus David’s one of those people—if intuition were a muscle, his would be really big and strong. And so he was flexing his intuition muscle and fortunately I was uplifted in the process., have a really drab sense of style. But finally we were able to hone in on the fact that David wanted a retro look for the undershirt and tops.

He liked the crêpe and the silks and the lace—but the kind of more vintage-looking lace.


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