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Taylor launter dating

According to her music, Taylor’s relationship with fellow musician John Mayer was one of her most tumultuous. "Enchanted" is all about a chance meeting, with Swift even using the word 'wonderstruck' (and apparently she loved it enough to name her signature fragrance scent after it as well). ), so he recorded his own cover with a few tweaks to direct a message back at Taylor.She was only 19 when she dated the notoriously broody singer. Mayer's first name, she spewed out lines like, "Don't you think I was too young to be messed with? This is so sweet — maybe the two should have actually gone out!The song, Back to December is suspected to be about Taylor Lautner. At the end of the song she asks for his forgiveness and hints to the fact she wants to be with him again.The couple hasn't reunited and at the recent American Music Awards Swift performed the song and at the end added "and he said..it's too late to 'pologize" from popular song "Apologize" by the band One Republic.After her break up with the star, Swift took a pretty lengthy break from dating--but not before she got several catchy tunes out about him.It's not surprising to learn that Style is about Harry Styles.Quileute legends which are pronounced as quill-yoot legends are the stories that have passed to American Indian from the Quileute tribe.

"Holy Ground," which was released in 2012, looks back positively on a past relationship, and besides the whole Camilla Belle thing, the two seemed to have a really good dynamic.

Right around the time the two were a thing, Gyllenhaal was also tied to Rachel Bilson and Anna Kendrick, so we're sure the line "put my name on top of your list" was most definitely directed towards him.

She reportedly spent Thanksgiving with the actor and his family in New York.

Their relationship was popularly known as Taylor Squared. She mentioned going to a hockey game with him during her October 29th 2009 appearance on The Ellen Show.

According to MTV he was more into her than she was into him, he going everywhere he could to see her, but it was not working out. It is rumored that the romance came to an end because Taylor (Launter) seemed to be more into the fling than Taylor (Swift).


  1. Taylor Lautner is an American actor, voice actor, and model. He is known for playing Jacob. In his interview with the magazine, after declining to talk about whether he was dating Taylor Swift, the magazine pressed Lautner on rumors of him.

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