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In a book written to scale, on a carefully prepared plan, it was not possible to deal more fully with some events about which various readers might desire to have more information. Cramp, who have produced it, call it an Australasian School Atlas [Note: The maps on pages 22, 79, 119, 221, and 230 are copied from this atlas.](Oxford University Press, 1915); but the author ventures to commend its series of beautiful historical maps (pp. Such a system would have enabled the Government to stifle criticism at pleasure by declining to renew a licence or threatening to do so.

Governor Darling (who succeeded Brisbane in 1826) determined to prevent this disposition among the soldiers by inflicting punishment of exemplary severity. After completing his University course at Cambridge, Wentworth had been called to the bar, with the intention of returning to Sydney to practise his profession there. He was, indeed, the first Australian politician of distinction, and for over thirty years to come was a personal power in the land.ROBERT THORNE'S MAP, 1527 MAP PUBLISHED AT PARIS, 1587 PLANCIUS'S MAP (AMSTERDAM), 1594 HONDIUS'S MAP, 1595 MAP OF JAVE LA GRANDE, 1542 MAP ILLUSTRATING FIRST DUTCH DISCOVERIES MAP ILLUSTRATING VOYAGE OF VAN NECK'S FLEET TO DUTCH EAST INDIES 1598-1600 MAP OF NEW HOLLAND TASMAN'S VOYAGES PORTION OF COOK'S CHART OF NEW SOUTH WALES NEW HOLLAND AND NEW SOUTH WALES AS KNOWN AFTER COOK'S VOYAGES BOTANY BAY AND PORT JACKSON THE BLUE MOUNTAINS VOYAGES OF BASS AND FLINDERS FREYCINET'S MAP, SHOWING 'TERRE NAPOLEON' HOBART AND PORT DALRYMPLE WESTERNPORT AND PORT PHILLIP KING GEORGE'S SOUND MELVILLE ISLAND INLAND EXPLORATIONS, 1815-28 STURT's DISCOVERIES ON THE DARLING AND THE MURRAY EXPLORATIONS OF EYRE, STURT, STUART, GREGORY, BURKE, AND WILLS EXPLORATIONS OF FORREST AND GILES FOUNDATION OF THE SIX STATES (SIX DIAGRAMS) 1486. Even before the First Fleet sailed for Botany Bay in 1787, the Attorney-General had been called upon to advise Pitt's Government as to the administration of justice, and had reported that the inhabitants would not be 'the proper stuff to make juries.' But it was hoped that this typically British mode of trial would be granted 'as soon as it can be done with propriety.' The opportune time did not arrive for over forty years after the establishment of the colony. They were loaded with heavy chains, had iron collars fastened round their necks, and, thus degraded, were marched from the barracks to the jail. It appeared to many soldiers in regiments stationed in Sydney that convicts, especially emancipists, were better off than they were. The case which promoted the first conflict between the Government and the press illustrates a curious phase of life in the convict colony. Before long their journal was engaged in a furious campaign against established authority, and incidentally in a fight for the freedom of the Press. Tasman discovers Van Diemen's Land and New Zealand. He was assisted in the conduct of it by a fellow law student, Wardell, who had accompanied him from England. He ordered them to be set to work in irons and to be drummed out of the regiment with every mark of ignominy. But Darling would not permit them to serve the sentences imposed upon them in the ordinary manner.


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