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Yunho's got a collection of over 100 awards he won throughout his career. *_* lemme see here: 1) tall, good looking, sexy body 2) great dancing machine, he can sing live, write lyrics & compose music for solo songs, improved acting 3) charismatic, down to earth, hardworking, sincere 4) most popular, TVXQ = top selling Kpop idols in Japan Luv him to death (^o^) Good job Yunho oppa :-) You got positive reviews from both Korean netizens and critics for your acting skills in Records of Night Watchman. Your massive international fanbase will always be there to support you Yunho or U-Know, has also done a cameo in the film Make Your Move, which was by the same director as the Step Up movies.

Yunho is incredibly talented and he is continuing to become more recognized by the world as an all-around-idol.

His manager quickly instructed him to vomit right afterward. The female suspect, whose surname is Ko, was apprehended.

Yun Ho contacted the police and requested that they not press charges against Ko in spite of the potentially severe consequences of what she did.

While TVXQ was filming a variety show on October 14, 2006, Yun Ho was rushed to the hospital after drinking a beverage laced with super glue, which given by an anti-fan.In July 2009, members Jae Joong, Yoo Chun, and Jun Su attempted to split with their agency S. The three members formally left TVXQ in April 2010, and formed their own band JYJ.Yun Ho suffered depression following the split with JYJ, and was blamed by fans for failing to protect the group.Jung Yun Ho, also known by his stage name U-Know Yun Ho or simply U-Know, is a South Korean singer and actor. When he was in middle school, he and a few other friends formed the dance team A , and Yun Ho competed in various singing and dance competitions around the country in order to earn prize money to support his family, who suffered greatly from the 1997 Asian financial crisis. Unable to afford proper housing, Yun Ho was homeless for a period of time.After winning a prize at the 1st Annual SM Best Competition in 1999, Yun Ho signed with S. Sometime later, Yun Ho suffered a hormonal imbalance in his throat and underwent surgery, which affected his vocal cords.Yun Ho had brief acting cameos on the first few years of his career.Yun Ho made a guest appearance on episodes 62 and 64 of Nonstop in 2006.He is already married at young age to So Hyon Jin and they seemed to be happily married.Here is a current version on You Tube, so you can watch it for free and it has English subtitles too. just wanna ask why is it that his most recent drama played before him going to his military training was never added into his list of drama completed... Author of web-based novel wrote story: cartoon protagonist hav major resemblance with Yunho and now it's made into drama and Yunho is the leading actor playin' that main character...it's like this drama is meant for him . He's the cream of the crop when it comes to selling power in Japan. super impressive dancing machine good singer his self composed songs thumbs up Vry excited for his new web drama comin' out in June next month. I'm so excited :-D He is really one of the greatest dancing machines ever. His self written and self composed songs are awesome! His acting has really improved and he's a good actor in journal of the night watchman.


  1. Tong Vfang Xien Qi 東方神起;. in Korea and Tohoshinki 東方神起 in Japan, or by the acronyms TVXQ, DBSK. Dating on Earth ; Movies 2009.

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