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I have seen some of them w a very dark, thick brown plastic box, but many are a heavy metal gauge.

Will post back soon and let you all know - thank you Ok guys, here's a few pics. It is a metal box and the 2-wire 12ga romex is tight.

So if for any reason this GFCI breaker or GFCI outlet were tripped while I was not there, which could be 2 weeks or more for a country home, that could be a huge negative if it flips off my refrigerator.

Before I go any further, does this present a problem?

However, there are “double-insulated” devices that are designed to preclude shocks that use two-prong connectors. People do all kinds of dangerous things with electricity, like using three -to two prong adapters so they can use three-prong items on two-prong outlets, like cheaper extension cords.

Almost all “chargers” for computers, cell phones, cameras, batteries, and such use only two-prong power cords. devices with three-prong connectors should never be plugged into such an adapter, but they find wide use, particularly in older buildings or homes.

Hello to all, Have 1949-50 country house and the kitchen wiring is the original.

The breaker that feeds this circuit is a single pole 15amp breaker.Difficult to install a GFCI particularly if there are 2 cables in the box. However, that also often indicates a home with an antiquated electrical panel (at least in my area). An Arlington F101 box makes for a quick, easy, and secure box change out for those tiny metal boxes.In that case I use a GFCI breaker even though it is more expensive. If you know the circuit layout, you can replace the first receptacle on that circuit and protect the downstream receptacles as well.Since the grounding terminals for the receptacles are not grounded, you must mark the receptacles with the words “GFCI Protected” and “No Equipment Ground” (see Sidebar: Understanding GFCIs). A GFCI-protected grounding-type receptacle without an equipment-grounding conductor is safer than a grounding-type receptacle with an equipment-grounding conductor, but without GFCI protection. Move the black to the brass line terminals and tighten the clamp. I have found that often with that old ungrounded NM cable, they used metal boxes that are very small.This is because the GFCI protection device will clear a ground-fault when the fault current is 5m A ( or - 1m A), which is less than the current level necessary to cause serious electric shock or electrocution." I'll go w (b) bc it states it's safer than a 3 prong plug w a ground conductor. Difficult to install a GFCI particularly if there are 2 cables in the box. I will try and find all of the wiring on this circuit and GFCI it.In that case I use a GFCI breaker even though it is more expensive. Since all the receptacles and switches are in wood, it's less forgiving than sheetrock to try and remove the box.As stated, if I cannot get the GFCI outlets inside the boxes, I'll go GFCI breaker route.That third prong (in 110 volt countries) is there to keep users alive!!When using electrical items outdoors or on concrete or earth floors, Ground Fault Detector outlets should be used.I know a 1-5m A GFCI threshold is not that much to trip.Based on this information, do you guys have any different opinion(s)?


  1. Need a professional to change a two-prong outlet to a three-prong. If your home has multiple two-prong outlets, 2 upgrade options include

  2. Upgrading from a 2 wire outlet with 2 prongs and no ground prong to a 3 prong outlet seems like a simple enough task; just swap the outlet out and viola,

  3. I have an old home that has mostly the 2-prong outlets without the ground. There are 3-prong outlets in the new add-on and converted garage, but.

  4. Yes, if you have a 2-prong outlet it needs to be upgraded to a 3-prong outlet for safety reasons. Learn more here.

  5. Elliotborough update. Piazza party TOH S39 E26. Singular Single House. Replacing Two-Prong Receptacles. 3. Connect the new receptacle.

  6. It's rare to find two-prong outlets in homes these days. Landlords and home owners have slowly switched over to three-prong outlets as more and more devices and.

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