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In this post I will explore some of these resources and provide samples and lessons learned for optimizing the user experience of apps for Share Point 2013.

A deployment app might consist of just a single configuration file, or it can consist of many files.Fast-forward to today and iframes are a staple of web development and the cornerstone of both the Facebook and Share Point 2013 app architecture.But that doesn't mean iframes don't come with some unique challenges.For example, you can group all Windows clients into one server class and all Linux clients into another server class.You use server classes to map a group of deployment clients to one or more deployment apps.Note: The term "app" has a somewhat different meaning in the context of the deployment server from its meaning in the general Splunk Enterprise context.For more information on Splunk Enterprise apps in general, see "What are apps and add-ons? A server class is a group of deployment clients that share one or more defined characteristics.Just a decade ago iframes were frowned upon on the web.Not all browsers supported them and some organizations even applied browser policies to block iframes.The deployment server maintains the list of server classes and uses those server classes to determine what content to distribute to each client.For an example of how to implement this type of arrangement to govern the flow of content to clients, see "Deploy configurations to several forwarders".


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