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Validating user calculating server

Usage profiles are based on production data that may include third-party applications in addition to Microsoft Outlook®.

The recommendations in this section are not specific to any particular client or client version.

However, if we change the application profile to have different performance characteristics (e.g.

If your application produces many small requests to the database, consider scaling out the database servers; if the queries are CPU-intensive on the database, consider scaling up the database.

If your application receives many small-to-medium size requests at the web tier, scale out the web servers.

Choose a server that has typical user mailboxes for your measurements, or do not include the unused mailboxes in your calculation.

Be aware that different days of the week have slightly different usage loads.


  1. Svn Error validating server certificate. Doing chmod 644 ~/.subversion/auth/server/* is simplest for unix users and is best if

  2. This topic provides you with a method that shows how to determine your server sizing requirements. To calculate how many users a server can support.

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