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Validating webpages

One of the attributes of the Internet — the fact that nearly anyone can publish on it — creates an environment of freedom and simultaneously an environment that lacks quality control." Criteria for Evaluation of Internet Resources "This is a "toolbox" of criteria that enable Internet information sources to be evaluated for use in libraries, e.g.

for inclusion in resource guides, and helping users evaluate information found."Evaluating Information of the Internet "When information is filtered -- reviewed, authenticated, and evaluated -- end users come to trust the source and accept an expert's assessment that it is valid and authoritative.

A small percentage of experienced web users are aware of these concerns. Many students, for example, lack fundamental skills to critically evaluating, questioning, and authenticating content.

HTML validation does not mean that the webpage is an overall good web page or a well designed one.The look of elements can be controlled via CSS pseudo-classes.The elements whose content validates and fails to validate respectively according to the input's type setting.var microsoft = microsoft


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  3. Validating Web Content. Overview. The Internet has been praised as a medium that truly frees information, making it accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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