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Vote for best dating sites

Using it along with We Just Fit to try to boost my date rate and its working so far, definitely getting more arranged (or at least more opportunities) since trying the 2 together.

Would probably give Beautiful People a B- I am a guy, and I was a member on this site for a year.

If you are likely an 8 or above you will be voted out. There are a lot of pictures with pretty women, but they are almost all fake. Almost all of them want to converse through email instead of texting. I went through the process with a couple of them and they immediately started asking for money to repair their phone or computer. In my, and in evryone's else opinion, I am not the most handsome guy on earth, LOL. I still like the concept of Beautiful People so I won't even throw s#$t at this site like everyone else. Been dating real beauties and all you need to do is pay the dinner, LOL. I'm a beautiful person because I've been voted onto the site by other beautiful people. I guess it all comes down to the membership levels in the area your in and this just so happens to be better for me. Then I tried another pic, still voted out, then a final one probably the least flattering of all and was voted in with a high rating again. Of course personality and other traits not accounted for. They kinda look like uglier versions of Seth Rogen, Steve Buscemi, Dj Qualls.

This can be very hurtful and kill your self esteem. Anyway, you can find good looking singles on any other dating site.I actually think the person/people who manage the site are often the ones behind messages you receive.It is an absolute, 100% con Still waiting to be hit by Beautiful People 'arrow' lol!I think this site is above average and don't see any reason to believe it is's a scam.I did meet someone so at least two users are real her and me, LOL:) But let's be honest here: Most women are average looking and Photoshop is their favorite tool:) In my opinion the average user on Beautiful People is not better looking than the average user on other well established dating sites like Mingle2day.Believe, most of the women profiles there are fake !!!You will see the same pictures appearing on several profiles on a daily basis.You see, back then, there were these Live Journal communities with names like xx Gorgeousx or x___e Li Te__Xx or whatever; it was all very Gossip Girl.You would apply to them by submitting a photo or two of yourself and filling out a questionnaire, and members would proceed to vote you in or out.Personally I think it's up there with We Just at the pinnacle of the online dating sector.Good news first: I was accepted, LOL:) I totally disagree with anyone claiming that this site is a scam.


  1. V 37 Comments Visit Website9 VoteE. 2 100% free online dating & social networking site for Millionaires and those attracted to them.

  2. Not the worst site in australia but not quite the best either, that accolade stays with for a. I think it's some kind of automated scammy voting system.

  3. The awards represent the best of the dating industry. We want you to be involved. You can nominate websites to become the final nominees, as well as vote for.

  4. Aug 3, 2016. It has been voted as the best dating site for single people of all genders for a number of times. What makes it outstanding when compared to.

  5. Oct 4, 2016. A dating site where current members vote in new members based on. “If the online dating market was a nightclub, BeautifulPeople would be.

  6. Feb 13, 2018. How you feel about President Donald Trump may affect who's willing to go out with you, data from dating websites suggest. AP Photo/Carolyn.

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