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There is something deeply personal about the way he works, and he often inserts himself into the process, fully aware the NFL isn't a home for the well-adjusted. The youngest of three brothers, Scot would join Kent in the basement, where the film projector was set near a bar.

A few years ago, at the combine, he interviewed a player who had repeatedly tested positive for marijuana. Father and son would scout players, sometimes until 2 a.m.

His report on Russell Wilson for the Seahawks a few years ago read: "Obviously we are really interested in passers with better height, but this guy may just be the exception to the rule. It's why he named his business Instinctive Scouting.

This morning, he is consumed with an FBS middle linebacker projected by many to be a sixth- or seventh-rounder.

He talks to them every day, and before they hang up he asks them to pray. Each of the three teams for which he has worked in his 20 years in the NFL -- the Packers, two stints with the Seahawks, and the 49ers -- has reached the Super Bowl during his tenure or shortly afterward.

Mc Cloughan moved to Ferndale a few months ago, in a sort of exile from his football life, and though he is well-known in NFL circles -- for his genius and his demons -- most sports fans don't know his name.He has a fiancée named Jess -- he met her years ago, but they got engaged only recently.They just returned from a week in Hawaii, the first fall vacation of Mc Cloughan's professional life. He's 43 years old and feels as if he's at the peak of his abilities.He has experienced a renaissance of sorts in Ferndale. And I know how to run a team."So, how to make sense of the fact that, shortly after I arrive, he sits in an overstuffed recliner in his living room to watch the Thursday night NFL game and opens a light beer?Although he has become semi-famous around town for helping to bring the state of Washington its first Super Bowl this past February -- the lady at the cellphone store calls him a "hero" -- most of the town simply knows him as Scot. He has not always been proud of himself and his lifestyle, but right now, he seems especially comfortable in his own skin. JUST BEFORE 9 O'CLOCK the next morning, Mc Cloughan is checking out college football players on video.He took it, and his dad joined him on his first trip. "This is what you've gotta get used to," Kent said.Scot worked hard and played hard in those early years."Life is good," he says, making it easy to forget why he's on a farm in Ferndale, nowhere near an NFL front office.THERE'S AN OLD JOKE in the NFL that everyone is either born-again or alcoholic. And if the former 49ers general manager and onetime senior personnel executive with the Seahawks wants another shot at a front-office job, he is going to have to prove to NFL owners that he doesn't still have a drinking problem.They had a special bond, but to this day Kent has never told Scot he loved him. "Old-school."The Mc Cloughans are proudly Irish, and alcohol was part of their weekends.When Scot was 14, he tore up his left knee, ending his football career, which to this day brings him to tears.


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  2. Lindsay's Net worth and Salary 2017 Lindsay Czarniak's contract with ESPN has ended. As of now, she is spending with his husband Craig Melvin and her babies.

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