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Who is naomi wolf dating

Because if we don't refrain, we'll be faced with an even more hideous future: a month in which the most important news for feminists everywhere is Naomi Wolf's Sady Doyle is an In These Times contributor.She is the author of Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock, and Fear...As Jill at Feministe said, “we can chew gum and walk at the same time.” I understand Wolf’s frustration, I do.Women are raped all over the world every single day and no one gives a damn.This is the principle that allowed some feminists, myself included, to allow that Assange might be guilty, when other progressives were too much in love with Wiki Leaks to admit that possibility.It should be the same principle that allows us not to make a punching bag out of Naomi Wolf. Silly, essentialist, willfully ignorant of the existence of trans people: Sure.

The science is straight from the idea that sex is pleasurable is not exactly groundbreaking. Silly, essentialist, willfully ignorant of the existence of trans people: Sure.What Wolf did, in reality, was to minimize and wrongly report the allegations, just as she is doing here–in fact, there were women; one says she struggled while Assange physically pinned her down until she let him penetrate her, and the other, Assange's own lawyers admit, was unconscious at the time of penetration–and to accuse the women in question of calling the “dating police” after some bad sex.Even if Wolf didn't know the real allegations in 2010 (not 2011) when she first said and wrote these things, she was wrong to become an Assange spokesperson while so completely uninformed.Which makes it odd that the book itself is getting so much negative attention.The reason for this is most likely on page 154: “When I sought in 2011 to tease out, in the rape accusations against Julian Assange, what happened after the woman's sexual consent on one level as well as her alleged lack of consent on another, I was attacked by feminists.” This is entirely wrong.and Why (Melville House, 2016) and was the founder of the blog Tiger Beatdown.Last week, Lori did a nice roundup of responses to the rape accusations against Wikileaks founder Julian Assange—including feminist Naomi Wolf’s “pretty embarrassing defense” of Assange from prosecution by the Interpol “dating police.” Today Assange was granted bail and released to “mansion arrest.” And yesterday Wolf wrote a second piece accusing Sweden, Britain, and Interpol of insulting rape victims worldwide by pursuing the case against him.And she almost certainly knows the allegations now that they've been more widely circulated, due in part to those “feminists.” So it would appear Wolf is now obfuscating her own obfuscations.Wolf's response to the Assange allegations was a disgrace, and her attempt to rewrite history only disgraces her further.And yet it’s entirely possible to believe that and still avoid acting like an anti-feminist asshole!It’s possible to point out that rape accusations are rarely taken seriously when the accused isn’t an internationally wanted man, without automatically dismissing the charges as “personal injured feelings.” It’s possible to lament the lack of justice for the many other victims of sexual assault, without assuming that the accusers in this case are lying.


  1. Sep 12, 2012. Naomi Wolf speaking at a rally in Zuccotti Park in March; her defense. the women in question of calling the “dating police” after some bad sex.

  2. Naomi Wolf graduated from Yale in 1984 and was a Rhodes scholar at New College, Oxford University. She is the author of the bestselling feminist books, "The.

  3. Naomi Wolf was born in San Francisco in 1962. She was an undergraduate at Yale University and did her graduate work at New College, Oxford University as a.

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