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Despite his ratings coup and his role as the co-founder of the pioneering, politically charged rap group Public Enemy, Flav does have his detractors.

Mostly because he doesn’t seem to have any sort of filter that tells what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

Flav, 47, courts them by taking the ladies to his favorite soul food restaurant – to serve, not eat. I’m not saying I wanted to run away with Flav – or even have a cup of coffee. And the amazing thing is, this makes a lot of women actually love him. And I think he has one of the best personalities I have seen in television and in reality.” And where does the handle Bumpz come from?

Instead of romantic sweet nothings, they get this: “When [girl] No. Which is why I declined when he invited me to come visit him at the Sheraton (really). That’s the nickname she thinks Flav would have given her, due to her generous cup size. “I like the way he treats women, he seems very respectful,” says Tiffany Reid, a 36-year-old mother from North Carolina.

When the two cuddled in bed, it looked like a train wreck – but there was something genuine about Flav’s oddball sweetness. Their bizarre romance turned into a spinoff called “Strange Love,” but Nielsen ultimately dropped Flav and wound up marrying an younger Italian man this summer. “I’m Flavor Flaaaaaav, I ain’t gotta meet them – they meet me.” WHAT TIME IS IT? 4 o’clock: Jesus and a tiny Movado join Flav for a taping of “Late Night with Carson Daly” in March 5 o’clock: The Knicks get a shout-out at VH1’s Hip-hop Honors in 2004, just after his turn on “The Surreal Life.” 7 o’clock: For a 2004 Rock the Vote party, he flosses a minimalist black and white Accutec 8 o’clock: Rocking his classic red Momo in 1996, at the height of Public Enemy’s fame.

Flav, meanwhile, kept the reality-show juices flowing and transformed himself into a dating-show don. Flav forgives and forgets WE asked Flavor Flav about his old feud with The Post.


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