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Following the Soul Train Awards, Brandy continued her social media attack on Monica after the singer’s appearance on OWN’s “Where Are They Now? #fingerscrossed space: nowrap;” The series of social media posts caused Monica fans and the like to go on the attack, yet again, calling Brandy “petty” and bitter.” in which she recalled her relationship with Whitney. “It’s a shame how [Brandy] carrying on toward [Monica]…you know they say misery loves company and you can see she’s miserable,” wrote one fan in an Instagram comment directed at Brandy’s mother, Sonja Norwood.The public often compared their voices and, sadly, their looks.Monica was “Miss Thang,” the homegirl from around the way who had the more traditional voice suitable for ballads.This journey of self-progression and self-love and empowerment that I’m on, I can’t go backwards. I think that some of it’s been blown out of proportion to a degree, but I can’t tell my kids to do something that I can’t do.

She delivered a medley performance of some of her greatest hits, including “Baby,” “Almost Doesn’t Count,” “Full Moon” and “Sittin’ on Top of the World,” with a special appearance by Ma$e.Last night, Brandy changed the lyrics during her #Soul Train Awards performance allegedly taking shots at #Monica. pic.twitter.com/Zqk68Yx Z3R — the Jasmine (@thejasminebrand) November 28, 2016 Changing the lyrics to her Kanye West-produced record “Talk About Our Love,” Brandy sang, “Then your whole fan base jumps in, now the whole [Insta]gram’s buzzing.” The one-liner was an obvious reference to recent tension between her and Monica.In August, Brandy clashed with the singer’s loyal following online after she replied “chile bye” to a fan asking her to participate in the “So Gone” Challenge — an Internet craze that had people rapping to the instrumental of Monica’s 2003 hit of the same name.She used over million dollars house in New York and also an expensive car as well.It is over that the beautiful Brandy and handsome Ryan Press have mutually decided to end their engagement.However, in this period this lady engaged with many male celebrities as boyfriend and also hardly rumors of dating.In 2010 she started dating with Ryan and later engaged but also broke the relation in 2014; however, she is recently dating with Kennan D. Driving house in December 2015, she was involved in a fatal automobile accident in Los Angeles; the accident claimed the life of thirty-eight years old Awatef Aboudhij, the driver of the Toyota that was struck by Brandy's Range Rover.She has grown up with her brother Ray J, so she holds the American nationality and also she is of the Black ethnicity as well. However, her first recording debut was Brandy in 1994 with the R&B band "Something' for the people" which stocked six million copies worldwide and exceeded the Hot R&B Singles chart with the two songs as well.Brandy launched her second album "Never Say Never" in 1988 followed by four more albums.Monica described Houston as her “fairy godmother” — a term that was often publicly used by Brandy, who considered Whitney both her figurative fairy godmother in real life and literal one in their 1997 TV film Everybody wanted what we had/have and I am blessed enough to have been your friend, #Fairy God Daughter and make history with you as my #Fairy God Mother — and now you’re my angel— I wish that you were here in the physical to witness so much of my courage that you stayed on me about– but I know you are watching and I know what you expect me to do. The fan continued, “Ya’ll can’t be mad bc Monica beautiful and has beautiful children and a fine husband.That bitch rich and still can’t keep a man…you can understand why they don’t want her ass who wants a petty ass woman.” The shade throwing may seem in poor taste for the typically low-key and bashful singer, but it’s important to follow the old adage that says there’s always three sides to every story.


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