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If China ever increased the level to 5 percent, it would have an enormous impact on global demand for gold.

Li mentions the exact same numbers as Wang from the World Gold Council: 1.6 % and 5 % of total reserves. I think that if China will update us on their gold reserves, the total will be less than 5,000 tonnes.

Gold is a monetary asset that transcends national sovereignty, is very powerful to settle obligations when everything else fails, hence it’s exactly the basis of a currency moving up in the international arena.

When the British Pound and the USD became international currencies, their gold reserve as a share of total world gold reserves was 50% and 60% respectively; when the Euro was introduced, the combined gold reserves of the member countries was more than 10,000 tonnes, more than the US had.

Roland Wang, China managing director at World Gold Council, told Reuters on March 26: China currently holds about 1.6 percent of its foreign exchange reserves in gold, which is relatively low compared with developed countries and some developing countries, WGC China managing director Roland Wang said.

“The ideal amount should be at least 5 percent of its total forex reserves,” Wang told Reuters in an interview in Hong Kong.

The latest IMF data points out China’s total foreign exchange reserves, excluding gold, on December 1, 2014, were valued at 3.859 trillion US dollars.

For clarity, I have little hard evidence on the amount of gold the PBOC or its proxies hold in reserve.

However, the reason I think it will be less is because of what Song Xin, Party Secretary and President of the China Gold Association, wrote at Sina Finance on July 30, 2014: …For China, the strategic mission of gold lies in the support of RMB internationalization, and so let China become a world economic power and make sure that the “China Dream” is realized.


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