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On the Greek mainland these environmental features were found to be predictive in discovering Mesolithic sites.In addition to using this model, it was possible to involve lithic specialists who were familiar with Mesolithic assemblages.This is a continuous research project that is exposing dramatic new light on the earliest hominid history on Crete.Donations are used for both the archaeological and geoarchaeological research of the region, including, but not limited to, research supplies, equipment, personnel expenses, and promotion.The use of radioactive isotopes plays a very important role in dating groundwater, providing an apparent age of the systems in the framework of the aquifers conceptual modelling making available important features about the water fluxes, such as recharge, horizontal flow rates and discharge.

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The first is to continue an excavation of a Mesolithic site (Damnoni Excavation) and the second is intensive geological research to acquire absolute dates for the Palaeolithic artifacts found in the area.We searched for habitats that were preferred by foragers and that could also preserve their artifacts.The coastal area around Plakias has characteristic environmental features, such as limestone caves, proximity to coastal wetlands, and steep bathymetric drop-off.It was reasoned that if Mesolithic foragers found these smaller islands attractive for subsistence, Crete must also have been a desirable habitat.Crete, however, is a very large island, which raised the question of where to look for the pre-Neolithic.This paper demonstrates that a good knowledge of mineral water systems is essential to allow hydrologists to make sound conclusions on the use of C isotopic data in each particular situation.This Greek-American collaborative project funds research on the Stone Age discoveries around the village of Plakias in southwest Crete (Greece).Since Crete has been an island for over five million years, these findings have great implications for the history of sea faring in the Mediterranean.Here we present the artifact assemblages and the details of their geological context and dating.We examined all caves and rock shelters found near the mouths of fresh water perennial streams and rivers flowing into the Libyan Sea.Scatters of lithic artifacts were found on the slopes directly below the openings.


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