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Is Bumble helping men become real men that engage in their relationships or in it’s attempts to create a connection is it training men to be men that aren’t worth connecting with?Psychological Effects: It was such a weird experience to spend a split second judging a woman’s looks before swiping, forgetting about her and moving on to the next one, it took a while to get used to it but once I was it was scary how quickly that permeates into real life.The stereotypical married guy is just some guy that watches TV is annoyed by his wife and never takes out the trash.Try to think of a sitcom where the dad is not a lazy goof and the wife isn’t the one always trying to get him to get off his ass?When reading profiles (Yes, dismiss fewer based solely on the photos) look for your Top Five Critical Criteria. When in doubt, when a candidate is knocking on your door, if this person appears to have your coveted Top Five Critical Criteria, practice saying Yes.Resist the temptation to veto someone for not having item number 7 or 17 on your list. Remember – the way you’ve been doing dating hasn’t yet delivered the intended result. The nature of blind spots is that we simply can’t see our own.

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What girl is okay with a guy who starts to become complacent, lazy and risk averse?

While it may be ‘technically’ possible, dating apps (like Tinder, Bumble and Hinge) are slowly changing the dating culture to be all about minimum risk, maximum utility, and constantly trying to find the better offer - treating girls and guys as commodities and not individuals worthy of real love. Even if you meet a great guy, there’s a good chance their experience on dating apps has warped their mind a little and built bad habits to transform them to a guy that won’t make a great boyfriend.

Killing Captivation: The most surprising thing about bumble (besides realizing how many beautiful women did not want to swipe right on me) was the experience of seeing a beautiful girl and having something inside me that would yearn to pursue her, I would look at her pictures, read her funny bio (usually about being a dog mom, liking margaritas and traveling all the time) and I would start to get my hopes up. But then seconds later when I look at the next girl I have to go through the same experience.

A sharp, smiling face shot and the ESSENTIAL full body shot – THIS YEAR’s version of you. if you want to have second dates, you’ll want to have as few surprises as possible on the first date. Whittle your oh-so-long list of Ideal Mate Qualifiers down to Your Top Five.

Skip the shirtless selfie in the bathroom mirror, lose the shot with 6 other bridesmaids, ditch that sunglasses and cap shot. Next time you spend any quality time in the mirror to look nice for an event – take THAT opportunity to have a friend shoot a bunch of photos, to capture a great one for your profile. These are the qualities, characteristics and attributes that you would be unhappy without.


  1. Millions of singles are going online to find true love, and no one is jumping on this. Online dating has been around as long as the Web made it possible for two.

  2. True Love Dating SITE. 403 likes. Find your love here.

  3. Jan 30, 2013. And that's when Facebook entered the online dating game, doing away with what was, until now, a fragile divide between quotidian online.

  4. Are you hoping that your online dating adventure will “net” you a Keeper? You're not just fooling around – you are really looking to find and attract and enter into.

  5. But here you're doing it in a safe environment where everyone is after the same thing finding true love. Online dating has lost the stigma it once had - today.

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